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Enhancement of personal growth and commitment to well-being, and Psychological / Psychoeducational evaluations.

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Diagnostic clarity and related treatment recommendations.

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Workshops & Seminars

Support groups and community health seminars. Interested in P2C hosting a workshop?

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Professional Coaching

Online or Face-to-Face guidance, advice and expertise.

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You will not find more effective therapists anywhere.

Our clients come to us with a wide range of issues.
Some have very specific short-term goals …
while others have more long-standing problems they want to address.

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Clinical Testing

Assessments for educational, career, and cognitive guidance.

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About Prepare to Change

Why We’re Here
You seek good knowledge, resources, tools and methods. You are in pursuit of a true partner recognized for their ability to develop and deliver targeted solutions that provide the perspective necessary to identify, understand and take decisive action for your desired outcomes. We built Prepare to Change for people like you.


Change Specialties
We support individuals and organizations in their quest to achieve greater effectiveness with our focus on reaching beyond the surface into areas that impact motivation, purpose, and results.


Our Unique Approach
We facilitate change and promote growth through personal and leader transformation. What makes us unique is our integrative systems approach that energizes and transforms individual, family, and team performance.


Behind The Change
With the belief that change comes from within, we focus on motives and values as well as skills and techniques. Our unique portfolio of services is backed by behavioral science insight, and a combination of leadership expertise, systems theory knowledge, and technology.


Stages of Change
Our approach was initially energized with The Stages of Change – also known as The Transtheoretical Model (TTM)  – which simply is a process involving progress through the following series of stages. We are just as interested in how we achieve results as we are in the results themselves.


Team Commitment
When you choose Prepare to Change for your counseling or consulting needs, you’ll discover a friendly, responsive team of respected professionals, each with a deep understanding of human behavior and interactional processes, along with extensive knowledge of the inner workings of organizational dynamics.


Prepare to Change Child and Family Counseling
The non-profit arm of Prepare to Change Counseling Center
It is our belief that no child or family should ever go without the help they may need because of finances. The goal of Prepare to Change Child and Family Counseling, the non-profit arm of the Prepare to Change Counseling Center, is to provide the most qualified, rigorously trained, compassionate, and competent therapists available, at a rate that you and your family can afford.