Family Counseling

Family Counseling:


Conflict is inevitable in families and may even be necessary at times. Not all conflict is bad. At P2C, we will teach how to fight and how to fight fair.


No two families are alike and there is no cookie-cutter formula or solution that is “one size fit all.” It can be extremely easy for family members to “dig their heels in” during a conflict, and in the process, diminish, ignore, and misunderstand each other. As parents, we are not only dealing with current issues but we are also contending with the issues we carry from our family of birth to the family we create and raise. Today’s teenagers are faced with problems their parents never had to contend with, and thus have a hard time understanding.


The goal of family therapy is to strengthen communication, both verbal and non-verbal alike, so that understanding can be reached and the familial bond strengthened. It is not uncommon for all families to deal with some kind of dysfunction at one point or another. Counseling can help all members of a family unit navigate that dysfunction, and help those family members return to, or discover, a sense of wholeness and happiness, together.


At P2C we focus on each families’ and family members’ strengths and areas of growth. This process is not an easy one. We will help family members talk to each other openly and honestly, while also learning to listen to each other.


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Common Issues for Family Counseling / Therapy


Big life changes are often the cause of family conflict, such as moving, the birth of a child, or divorce. Peaceful compromises are difficult to come by, especially if arguments are frequent. Counseling can help with these issues. Benefits of Family Therapy include:


  • Develop open communication
  • Understand multiple perspectives
  • Cultivate empathy
  • Develop confidence
  • Overcome conflict
  • Restore/Discover trust and respect
  • Foster cooperation
  • Develop healthy boundaries

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