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About Prepare to Change

Why We’re Here
You seek trustworthy knowledge and unparalleled experience. You are in pursuit of a true partner to come alongside you and your family’s journey; someone recognized for their ability to provide targeted and tailored solutions. A listening and compassionate ear that offers the perspective necessary to identify, understand and take decisive action for your desired outcomes. We built Prepare to Change Counseling for people like you.


Change Is Possible
We support individuals and families in their quest to achieve greater effectiveness and connectedness with our focus reaching beyond the surface and truly exploring those internal/emotional areas that impact motivation, purpose, and results.


Our Unique Approach
We facilitate change and promote growth through personal transformation. What makes us unique is our integrative approach that energizes and transforms individual and family relations.


Behind The Change
With the belief that change comes from within, we focus on your and your family’s experience and values, and couple that with our expansive and varied psychological training. Our unique portfolio of professional experience is based on CBT, Object Relations Theory, and Psychoanalysis, Family Dynamic Systems Theory, Mutual Recognition, and many others.


Team Commitment
When you choose Prepare to Change Counseling, you’ll discover a friendly, responsive team of respected professionals, each with an extensive understanding of human behavior and relationships, all ready to compassionately help you and your family.


Prepare to Change Child and Family Counseling
The non-profit arm of Prepare to Change Counseling Center
It is our belief that no child or family should ever go without the help they may need because of finances. The goal of Prepare to Change Child and Family Counseling, the non-profit arm of the Prepare to Change Counseling Center, is to provide the most qualified, rigorously trained, compassionate, and competent therapists available, at a rate that you and your family can afford.


Dr Kaneeza Lafir, Clinical Director & Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Kaneeza Lafir, owner and clinical director of Prepare to Change, offers psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, testing and assessment services, and clinical training, in addition to managing the organizational affairs. She offers short- and long-term therapy for children, couples, families, the elderly, Veterans. and adults.

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Kaneeza Lafir (PsyD, PsyD, PhD, CAMS-II) blends 20 years of psychological proficiency with two doctoral degrees, to create a therapeutic style that is personal, professional, and well grounded in experience. Both as a supervisor as well as in private consultation, Kaneeza partners with individuals using her vast clinical experience and passion to assist each person in obtaining his or her goal. She has expertise in working with many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, personality issues, bipolar disorder, guilt and shame, trauma, depression, anxiety and psychotic thought processes. She also specializes in working with individuals who have experienced abuse and trauma, or who are struggling with substance abuse issues. Part of Kaneeza’s background includes working with families and children while she completed a two-year internship with USC’s University Affiliated Program, Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.


Her approach includes working through patterns that prevent clients from growing and reaching their full potential. Kaneeza excels at exploring how interpersonal relationships have impacted an individual’s emotional development, as well as how previous relational experiences are affecting their current relationships. Along with psychotherapy, Kaneeza conducts personality, cognitive, and neuropsychological assessments to help arrive at hypotheses about a client’s behavior, personality and capabilities. Based on assessment results, she can develop and apply effective therapeutic treatment plans and interventions.


As a conference speaker, she empowers individuals on their unique journey to wholeness, and mental and relational well-being. Kaneeza’s far-reaching educational background includes Bachelors and Masters of Art degrees in Psychology from the Presidency College, University of Madras in South India. She earned her first doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Rosemead School of Psychology, before completing her second and third doctorates in Psychoanalysis at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Kaneeza would be happy to serve you and help out with any evaluation or treatment questions you might have.


Dr. Lafir can be reached at or (562) 773-3044.


Jason Forgash, registered psychological assistant

Jason Forgash works as a registered psychological assistant under the supervision of Dr. Kaneeza Lafir, a licensed clinical psychologist. He conducts therapy and psychological assessment testing with children, adolescents and adults.

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Utilizing a relational, client-centered, attachment-based approach, Jason specializes in enriching the lives of individuals and families who are survivors of crime and those from unique cultures of origin. Jason uses his distinctive experience as a child abuse detective to assist children and families through recovery and growth from trauma. His experience as a homicide detective gives Jason a unique perspective in assisting individuals and families through grief and loss. He also works with individuals and families recently arrived to the United States and California, guiding them through the cultural adjustments this often entails.


Having lived, worked, studied or traveled through all 50 states and over 80 countries, Jason is uniquely suited to understanding the nuances of culture and tradition. Additionally, he collaborates with groups and businesses for informative and inspirational keynote speaking engagements, presentations, and workshops. Jason looks forward to serving your on-site therapy and assessment testing needs and to attending to your organizational off-site requirements.


Jason can be reached at or by phone at 657-223-1937


Courtney Beeler, MFT Associate

Courtney Beeler works as a registered associate marriage and family therapist under the supervision of Dr. Kaneeza Lafir, a licensed clinical psychologist. Courtney has experience working with adolescents, college students, parents, families and individuals. She believes in partnering with and empowering those she works with to find the barriers that keep them from living the life they desire and discovering the strength, from within, to overcome those struggles.

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Courtney has her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University. Her previous experience working in a church setting enables her to empower clients who wish to integrate their faith into their therapy journey. Courtney also has many years’ experience with adolescents. She has successfully worked with teens whose life experience includes anxiety, depression, cutting, suicidal thoughts, divorced parents, or parents who suffer from an alcohol use disorder. Her experience also includes working directly with parents, individually or through family therapy.


Courtney strives to provide a safe and inviting place for you to process life’s struggles. She cares deeply about helping each client discover what works best for them to grow and find success in their life.


Courtney can be reached at



Jan A Grothe, MA LMFT

Jan A Grothe, MA is a licensed marriage and family therapist working under the supervision of Dr Kaneeza Lafir. He completed his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University. Jan is experienced in providing short and long-term therapy to individuals (adolescents and adults), couples, and families. His approach to therapy is client-centered, experiential, and gestalt-oriented.

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Jan believes in facilitating and creating new pathways. His belief that clients have an inkling of what they need informs his therapeutic approach. He helps his clients identify their strengths, find their voice and integrate them. Collaboratively, Jan and his clients identify patterns of how they relate to themselves, others and as to how they contribute to current challenges faced.