Psychologists and Staff

Dr Kaneeza Lafir, Clinical Director & Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Kaneeza Lafir, owner and clinical director of Prepare to Change, offers psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, testing and assessment services, and clinical training, in addition to managing the organizational affairs. She offers short- and long-term therapy for children, couples, families, the elderly, and adults.

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Kaneeza Lafir, PsyD, PsyD. blends 20 years of psychological proficiency with two doctoral degrees, to create a therapeutic style that is personal, professional, and well grounded in experience. Both as a supervisor as well as in private consultation, Kaneeza partners with individuals using her vast clinical experience and passion to assist each person in obtaining his or her goal. She has expertise in working with many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, personality issues, bipolar disorder, guilt and shame, trauma, depression, anxiety and psychotic thought processes. She also specializes in working with individuals who have experienced abuse and trauma, or who are struggling with substance abuse issues. Part of Kaneeza’s background includes working with families and children while she completed a two-year internship with USC’s University Affiliated Program, Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.
Her approach includes working through patterns that prevent clients from growing and reaching their full potential. Kaneeza excels at exploring how interpersonal relationships have impacted an individual’s emotional development, as well as how previous relational experiences are affecting their current relationships. Along with psychotherapy, Kaneeza conducts personality, cognitive, and neuropsychological assessments to help arrive at hypotheses about a client’s behavior, personality and capabilities. Based on assessment results, she can develop and apply effective therapeutic treatment plans and interventions.
As a conference speaker, she empowers individuals on their unique journey to wholeness, and mental and relational well-being. Kaneeza’s far-reaching educational background includes Bachelors and Masters of Art degrees in Psychology from the Presidency College, University of Madras in South India. She earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Rosemead School of Psychology, before completing her second doctorate in Psychoanalysis at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Kaneeza would be happy to serve you and help out with any evaluation or treatment questions you might have.
Dr. Lafir can be reached at or (562) 773-3044.



Dr. Larry Kuhn founded the Prepare to Change counseling center and its state-of-the-art assessment platform. He is currently responsible for executing assessment interventions for the California and Indiana offices, and he provides in-person and online counseling and coaching as well.

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Larry Kuhn, PsyD, works well with many different types of people and challenges. He is a licensed clinical psychologist in Indiana and California, organizational coach and consultant, and a presenter involved in leadership development, forensic psychology, education, and family therapy. Always a steady hand at the wheel, Larry is highly valued for his calm and pragmatic approach, honed over 25 years in consulting, industry, and non-profit.
So while “been there, done that!” could be his mantra, Larry’s humble style combines his rich background and experiences with a collaborative nature and creative approach. Larry’s repertoire includes aligning business solutions, providing management consulting and coaching, launching assessment solutions, and a variety of other initiatives to promote sustainable organizational culture change. He employs a dialectical developmental approach to facilitate, influence and support desirable growth, design, and performance outcomes within organizations.
Clients love his unique and creative approaches to visually communicate complex information. In fact, he created a state-of-the-art assessment platform offering 400+ assessments and skills tests which is currently being used by clients across the nation for employee selection, leader development, and personal growth or education testing. Larry also conducts leadership seminars on Coaching Competencies for Executives, Goal Setting, Assertiveness Training, and Interpersonal Skills for Managers, Collaborative Problem-Solving Techniques, Communication Skills, among others. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Family and Clinical Psychology from Azusa PacificUniversity. He is licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in California and Indiana.
Dr. Kuhn can be reached at or (949) 275-8804.



Dr. Kelly Granger, PsyD. is a licensed psychologist whose experience includes counseling, assessment, training and supervision. She holds extensive experience working with adults, couples and adolescents for many difficulties including depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship problems, and overwhelming emotions.

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Dr. Kelly Granger uses a comprehensive therapeutic approach that is customized to each client. As an experienced psychologist, she builds a safe, trusting relationship so that together — through conversation, attentive listening, respectful and interactive responses — she can help others discover what they want different in their life.
After receiving her Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology, she completed PostDoctoral Training at the Center for Individual and Family Therapy. Kelly is able to help partners of those struggling with sexually compulsive behavior/pornography addiction by providing a place where acceptance, understanding and honest feedback come together to promote growth and healing. Kelly’s also focuses on helping those who have been spiritually wounded and individuals who want to explore how spirituality can be a source of support when dealing with life’s struggles. No matter what brings a person into therapy, Kelly strives to provide a safe environment to explore possible roadblocks and help people move beyond them.
Dr. Granger can be reached at or (949) 381-1519.




Dr. Hayley Pedersen is a Post-doctoral Intern with experience working with children, adolescents, and adults who struggle with a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, adjustment, and attachment. She begins thereapy with a warm, calm and nonjudgmental approach.

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Hayley Pedersen, MS, PsyD. works under the supervision of Dr. Kaneeza Lafir, PsyD, PsyD. With a depth of experience that includes counseling, assessment, training, and academia, Hayley strives to provide clients with a safe environment to explore and move beyond possible roadblocks. Hayley’s approach with individuals, groups, and families includes play therapy, attachment-based therapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques and other evidenced-based treatments. Her clinical training covers over eight years of a systemic theoretical based orientation from which to help children, families, and organizational teams.
Formerly an elementary school teacher and manager, Hayley is able to integrate her clinical, coaching, and management skills in order to join her clients for the sake of growth and change. Her recent focus has been to strengthen families and assist parents to be involved in the development of their children. Additionally, Hayley has a passion for helping parents navigate the responsibilities and challenges of raising children in a very fast paced world. Parenting advice is plentiful; blogs, articles, and other media outlets take a strong stance on hot-button topics including sleep training, time-outs, schooling, and competitive athletics, to name a few. Hayley takes time to hear what her clients are struggling with as a parent and joins with them to demystify parent-child interactions through attachment-based parenting.
Hayley earned her Doctoral Degree in degree in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University, Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University and Bachelors Degree in Education from The Pennsylvania State University.
Dr. Pedersen can be reached at or (949) 478-3017.



Dustin Shultz is a licensed marriage and family therapist who offers short and long-term therapy for teens, adults, couples, and seniors, working through patterns that prevent them from growing and living a full life.

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Dustin Shultz, MA, MFT, has experience and success working with couples, adults, and teens struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, divorce, identity, sexuality, substance use, cutting, life transitions, grief, and shame. He is passionate about helping people develop into healthy and whole individuals, and embrace life. Dusty is known for his warm and gentle personality, while bringing insight and wisdom. He works in a relational and collaborative way, respecting each person’s unique experience of life.
Dusty received his Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry from Hope International University. His 15 years of spiritual counseling allows him to work with people who desire soul care in conjunction with therapy. He enjoys speaking at schools, organizations, and churches and has presented on topics ranging from parenting, marriage enrichment, the benefits of roughhousing with kids, depression, bi-polar, anxiety, spirituality, guilt and shame, and communication.
Dusty can be reached at or (949) 334-7718.



Jason Forgash

Jason Forgash works as a registered psychological assistant under the supervision of Doctor Kaneeza Lafir, a licensed clinical psychologist. He conducts therapy and psychological assessment testing with children, adolescents and adults.

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Utilizing a relational, client-centered, attachment-based approach, Jason specializes in enriching the lives of individuals and families who are survivors of crime and those from unique cultures of origin. Jason uses his distinctive experience as a child abuse detective to assist children and families through recovery and growth from trauma. His experience as a homicide detective gives Jason a unique perspective in assisting individuals and families through grief and loss. He also works with individuals and families recently arrived to the United States and California, guiding them through the cultural adjustments this often entails. Having lived, worked, studied or traveled through all 50 states and over 80 countries, Jason is uniquely suited to understanding the nuances of culture and tradition. Additionally, he collaborates with groups and businesses for informative and inspirational keynote speaking engagements, presentations, and workshops. Jason looks forward to serving your on-site therapy and assessment testing needs and to attending to your organizational off-site requirements.

Jason can be reached at or by phone at (657) 223-1937


Sunwoo Lee

Sunwoo Lee is a Psychological Assistant that is passionate about providing therapy and assessment for children, adolescents, families, and adults that are experiencing distress from a variety of issues including emotional, developmental, systemic, and learning disabilities.

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Sunwoo Lee, M.A. works under the supervision of Dr. Kelly Granger, Psy.D. Sunwoo has a depth of experience in therapy, assessment, and academia. Sunwoo has experience providing therapy with individuals who experience distress from anxiety, depression, trauma, obsession compulsion disorder, learning disabilities, and family conflict. Sunwoo begins therapy with a non-judgmental and warm approach that emphasizes the importance of a genuine therapeutic relationship. In therapy, Sunwoo provides an integrated approach that includes play therapy, cognitive behavioral, attachment based therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and other evidence based practices that best addresses the client’s needs. Sunwoo’s approach helps individuals identify and gain insight into difficult emotions and uncover maladaptive relational patterns that are causing distress. Sunwoo has experience working with individuals and families from many different cultural backgrounds.

Sunwoo earned his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Biola University. Sunwoo is currently in a doctoral program at Biola University to earn his Doctoral Degree.