Neuropsychological & Psychological Assessment

The Comprehensive Assessment You’ve Always Wanted

Prepare to Change has an experienced team of clinicians who are trained in assessment and learning strategies. Using our robust HIPAA compliant internet testing solutions, combined with face-to-face or video interview, you have the convenience of:
  • electronic intake
  • online and proctored testing
  • video or in-person feedback
  • psychologist interpreted report
Our reporting solutions are “uncanned” and provide individualized diagnostic results. Best of all, test takers have the opportunity to learn something about themselves to promote personal growth and wellness.


Strengthening the Therapy Process

There are some common issues that bring individuals and couples into therapy, but there are also many complicated and deep possible reasons. A psychological assessment can identify needs in therapy, highlight issues that may come up in treatment, recommend particular forms of intervention, and offer guidance about potential outcomes of treatment.


Assessment is intended to provide a structured, organized, and succinct description of current psychological functioning, including cognitive abilities and emotional experience. A clinical assessment containing a diagnosis and treatment planning may be helpful for individuals struggling with behavioral, social or emotional difficulties (e.g., anxiety, depression, etc.) that seem to be interfering with social, cognitive, or academic functioning. Given the complexity of client issues in the therapy setting, comprehensive assessment evaluations are both practical and effective.


Prepare to Change psychologists are skilled at clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.  




Career Assessment: Realizing Your Potential

Whether it’s planning a career, making a professional change, or keeping a position on track, we provide flexible online assessments to address and support your goals and transitions. A career assessment is a tool which can give you an indication of what jobs are a match for your interests and abilities or careers you may have an aptitude for.


There are a variety of career assessment tests and tools available online. Some are free, but many are not. When you take a free career assessment test, keep in mind that they can be quick and easy to take, but many of those tests are not scientifically validated. Validated tests used by our team of clinicians include (1) interest inventories; (2) motivation and values inventories; (3) personality tests; and (4) ability tests.

Educational Assessment: Paving the Way for Success

If you or a family member has been referred for a psychoeducational assessment, you probably have some questions about what to expect. In general, a comprehensive evaluation is intended to provide an understanding of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and make an accurate diagnosis.


The process begins with a clinical interview, and includes a range of psychological tests depending on the reason for the evaluation. This can include tests of emotional well-being, intellectual (or IQ) tests, tests of academic achievement and learning styles, tests for possible neurological damage, and tests for specific psychological disturbances and their severity.


Results of each testing instrument and assessment are compiled and analyzed by our psychologists to form a clear picture of the individual’s current functioning for specific recommendations and strategies to assist with enhancing learning and academic performance or providing information to assist with vocational and career decisions.


A comprehensive assessment might include:

  • Record & Strategy Review
  • Referral Source
  • Background Information
  • Assessment Procedures
  • Interviews
  • Data and/or Ratings from Tests
  • Interpretation Report with Recommendations
  • Psychologist Consultation

Categories of Clinical Diagnostic Tests

  • Achievement
  • Aptitude
  • Intelligence
  • Neuropsychological
  • Personality
  • Clinical Batteries


Frequently requested educational and career tests:

Achievement Memory
ADD/ADHD Neuropsychological Battery
Autism Spectrum Personality
Behavioral Problem Solving
Career Inventory Youth Adjustment
Cognitive Aptitude
Executive Functioning
General Ability
Intellectual Giftedness
Language Functions
Learning Disorder
Math Fundamentals
Neuropsychological Battery
Problem Solving
Youth Adjustment